Sigil of the Witch Hunters

The Witch Hunters of Steinenfeld, and the surrounding Franconia region are members of an armed organization dedicated to persecuting magic users, both amateur and professional. With ties to the Order of St. Eckart, their operations are officially sanctioned by the church of Eternal Flame, and the Imperium.

Equipment Edit

Regular hunters of the this group are equipped with finely forged steel swords. Higher ranking members are issued ornate swords engraved with the hunter's name and the sigil of their order. The hunters are also proficient in the use of crossbows, their bolts usually doused in hemlock poison. The hunters also carry dimeritium explosives and shackles to assist in their persecution of "black magic users". The dimeritium disables magic and weakens those who attempt to cast.


Witch Hunters, and a Witch Hunter Captain

Notable Hunters Edit


  • Hans Masur, Grand Inquisitor of the Order
  • Werner Schinkel, Head interrogator