Veronica de Beaumont is the eldest daughter and second-born child of King Ludovic de Beaumont and his wife, Queen Meredith de Beaumont.

After her brother and father's deaths in battle against the Second Eisenfaust Imperium, Veronica inherited the kingdom of Velade Royaum. Not long after her coronation her husband, Duke Malcolm de Ville, passed unexpectedly.

Veronica continues her father's war against the Imperium.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

As the eldest daughter of the King of Velade Royaum, Veronica was educated with the finest tutors and nannies. She spent her early childhood at court serving as handmaid to her mother and aunt, the Lady de Gestel.

By her teens, Veronica was known for her great beauty, sharp wit, and quick mind. At 13 she was sent to serve under Giovanna di Fiorina, the wife of Serene Doge Carlo di Alesini of Aeternia.

Returning Home Edit

At 15, Veronica was betrothed to Doge di Alesini's eldest son, Amerigo. The match was a show of good faith and continued friendship between the Veladish Kingdom and the Aeteri Republic.

In early spring of her 16th year, the newly formed Greater Eisenfaust Imperium under the leadership of Kaiser Emric von Eisenfaust demanded that the Aeternian Republic bend the knee or faith the wrath of the young Kaiser.

The Republic obliged, Veronica was ordered home by her father and the betrothal was called off.

The Crown-Daughter and the Sorceress Edit

Now a woman grown and home in Velade Royaum, the princess was free to follow her own pursuits.

She began studying alchemy under the Sorceress, Phillipa Refmont. Rumors stated that the young princess was also skilled in sorcery. Though these are little more than rumors.

War with Franconia Edit

In early winter of her 26th year, Franconia commanded fealty from King Ludovic and Velade Royaum.

King Ludovic responded to the Kaiser's demand with the Franconian envoys head in a gilded chest. He then rallied his bannermen and rode to meet the Kaiser's army in the field.

Veronica spent the majority of the war in the safety of Castle Beaumont. With both her father and brother in the field, Veronica was left with administrative duties. The young princess was quick to the task and within a month she had cleared the crowns debt and increased profits tenfold.

Queen of Velade Royaum Edit

The war with Franconia had proven costly both in coin and manpower.