Tira'allara Iliathor is the only known child of the Elf King, Tiranor, and his wife the Dryad Linaria.

Little is known of the Queen of Elves, they say she is a master of bow and blade--as well as being incredibly skilled in the forgotten arts of Elven sorcery.

Those who have seen her claim her to be the greatest beauty the world has ever known.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Very little is known of the Queen's early life. Legends state that she spent her early childhood among her mother's people, the dryads of Loa'tor.

At some point she returned to her father's realm. It is not clear if this was to claim his crown or to prepare for rule.

Queen of Wood an Dale Edit

Tira'allara became queen of the Elven Realms upon her father's death.

For a hundred years the Elf Queen focused on strengthening the magic veil of her realm.