The Kingdom of Velade Royaum was the first kingdom to form from the ashes of the first Franconian Empire. The Kingdom was first ruled by the ancient House de Royaum until the great houses extinction. The ducal house of de Beaumont rose to power with the backing of the Chamber of Nobles.

Under King Ludovic the Young (later known as the Loon) the kingdom grew from a small collection of unified Dukes to a kingdom of great power and wealth.

The Kingdom of Velade Royaum borders the Republic of Aeternia to the south, and the Greater Eisenfaust Imperium to the north.

Tradition is sacred in Velade Royaum, chivalry and noble holidays are held in high esteem.

Geography Edit

From the collapse of the Franconian Empire

Demographics Edit

As of 1456, Velade Royaum was the second most populous region. In the 15th century the total population of the region was around 18 million. The population of Beaumont is believed to be around 80,000-130,000.

Language and literacy Edit

Veladish is the primary language of Velade Royaum, though Franconian is still popular among the merchant and lower classes. Aeteri is the language of the church and is spoken among the clergy.

The majority of the merchant class is literate in Veladish and speaks some Aeteri. The noble class is usually taught both Veladish, Franconian, and Aeteri.