The city of Steinenfeld, known as the City of Black Towers, is the capital to both the region and empire of Franconia. The city itself is located on the Black River, in the core of the Empire.

History Edit

The original seat of House von Eisenfaust, Steinenfeld become the capital of the newly formed Empire after the human revolution of the first era. The newly named Kaiser Adelmar von Eisenfaust I.

During the reign of Kaiser Rudolph von Eisenfaust, the city was captured in the Aeterian war for lower Franconia. Rudolph returned to the capital and reconquered his last city. Killing all Aeterian invaders in the process.

Districts Edit

  • Grain District (dark blue)
  • Iron District (dark purple)
  • Silver District (silver)
  • Flame District (red)
  • Gold District (gold)
  • Plague District (green)
  • Old Town (teal)
  • St. Gerhardt's Block (pink)
  • Port Side (light blue)
  • Beggar's Row (yellow)
  • Copper Block (copper)

Landmarks Edit

  • Imperial court
  • East Bazaar
  • West Bazaar
  • Military Academy
  • Square of St. Rudolph
  • Ignatious' Tower
  • Market Square
  • Cathedral Square

Buildings Edit

Steinenfeld has five watermills, eight banks, nineteen lombards, forty inns and taverns, thirteen brothels, and twenty-four temples. Some Examples:

Large Buildings Edit

  • Hierarch's castle
  • City hall
  • Great Temple of the Eternal Fire - the largest temple in Franconia

Banks Edit

  • Main branch of Achterberg Bank
  • Main branch of Beckenbauer Bank
  • Main branch of Eckstein Bank
  • Branch of di Arden Bank
  • Branch of Giancardi Bank

Inns and taverns Edit

  • The Crown Tavern
  • The Arrogant Hippogriff Inn
  • Smoking Locksmith Pub
  • The Jailer & The Cell Pub
  • Bleeding Bee Inn
  • The Mill & The Woodcutter Pub
  • The Gooseberry Inn

Brothels Edit

  • The Rapid Rascal
  • The Hook
  • The Red Dress (secret headquarters of The Sisterhood)
  • Sailor's Choice
  • The Prude's Suspenders

Other Buildings

  • Factories for crackowes and Broadcloth
  • Port Cranes
  • The von Faust Auction House
  • Guardhouse