The church of the Eternal Flame is the largest religion on the continent. Its hierarch is Eberhard von Brinkerhoff.

The church is led from the Great Temple of the Eternal Fire in Steinenfeld. The hierarch of the church is selected by the candle of Uldur in Torrice.

History Edit

Creation and the 1st era Edit

The church's creation marks the first year of the first era. Founded in the eternal city of Torrice in the Republic of Aeternia by the twin sons of Uldur, Gerhardt the light, and Ignatius the dark.

Both brothers had starkly different ideas in how the church should be run. Gerhardt, a believer in life and creation preached of the healing powers of the flame. While Ignatius taught the destructive powers of flame and the fear that darkness brings.

The Schism and the 2nd era Edit

The brothers Ignatius and Gerhardt died in the year 120 AC, their deaths marked the end of the 1st era. The church was split between the two founders followers. The followers of St. Gerhardt believed that the church should be used as a vessel to help the poor and less fortunate, and the followers of St. Ignatius believed that the church should be used to change the world through conquest. This led to the first schism.

The Reformation and the 3rd era Edit

In the year 310 AC the schism ended when Hierarch Eckart di Fiamma, reformed the two sects into one church again.

The Bloody Schism and the 4th era Edit

In 1021 the 3rd era finally came to an end. The Hierarch of the time, Terrin the Corrupt, declared the followers of St. Ignatius the true branch of the church, labeling the followers of St. Gerhardt heretics. the city of Torrice was split in two with the Followers of St. Ignatius holding the Temple of Uldur, and the northern part of the city. And the Followers of St. Gerhardt controlling the southern city from the Temple of St. Eckart. The two sects waged war with each other for 70 years, the second schism, now called The Bloody Schism ended with the Followers of St. Gerhardt reclaiming Torrice and reforming the church.

The Light Restored and the 5th era Edit