Emric von Eisenfaust was the Kaiser of the Greater Eisenfaust Imperium, Lord of Steinenfeld, Ralzach, and Gemmera, and Sovereign of Revdaea and Aeternia, from 1452 after the murder of his father, mother, and siblings in the Great Mage Uprising.

His rule of Franconia was highly aggressive, often pursuing expansionist policies unlike those of his predecessors. This led to the outbreak of war against Revdaea and the vassalization of Aeternia. Emric von Eisenfaust was an intelligent and brilliant ruler. He chose his people well and crushed many plots against him. He was ruthless towards traitors and mages and moved towards his goals with great determination.

Emric is a staunch believer in the church of Eternal Flame and it's teachings.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Born at the Aeterian residence of Heiterkeit in 1434, Emric was the eldest son of Kaiser Wilhelm von Eisenfaust IV, Kaiser of Greater Franconia, and his wife Adrienne var Orlais. Emric was tutored at the greatest academies in Franconia and by the age of ten was known for having a quick mind and wit. Emric was a good-hearted child, quick with a joke and always willing to help his friends.

Great Mage Uprising Edit

In 1452 a rogue uprising of mages attacked the royal carriage containing Kaiser Wilhelm, Königin Adrienne, and the twin prince and princess. The attack resulted in the royal family's gruesome death and led to the Great Mage Uprising of 1452. Emric, who was away at university at the time, returned to Steinenfeld to personally put down the mage uprising. Driven by revenge and hatred Emric enacted a widespread anti-magic purge rounding up all mages and magically inclined individuals, those caught were executed by burning at the stake. Over two hundred mages were killed in what is now called "The Night of Fire". In 1453 the mage uprising was finished. Emric had squashed what little resistance remained and held a public burning of the rebellion's leaders. The Uprising changed Emric, the once good-hearted lad was now a tough hardened man ready to rule.