Elia el-Galán, was a bastard and a member of The Sisterhood who later became involved in the Great Mage Resistance in an attempt to avenge her mother.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Elia el-Galán, a bastard of her mother, is the eldest child. Though the identity of her actual father is unknown, her mother married Miguel el-Galán shortly after her birth. Miguel was never pleased with Elia's presence around the castle, so when she reached the age of 8, she was sent to train with The Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood Edit

Once she started training with The Sisterhood, Elia showed promise of great skill. Starting as a mere pickpocket, she later became a more prominent member of the guild, earning the alias "Etra's Chosen."

Her mother, Nera, went on a diplomatic trip to Steinenfeld to promote tolerance for mages. Her beliefs soon got her assassinated by a radical hate group known as The Blades of Ignatious. There is reason to suspect the current government of involvement in this group.

After hearing of her mother's death, Elia was mad with rage. Her focus shifted from mere pick pocketing into a quest to avenge her mother.

The Resistance Edit

She traveled to Steinenfeld to join the resistance against The Blades of Ignatious and other groups with similar sentiment toward mages. But the government had outlawed the worship of Etra, goddess of thieves, mischief, and shadow. Elia, like the mages, was now an enemy of the crown and being actively hunted.

A strong alliance between The Sisterhood and the mage resistance (The Bakers) soon formed as a result of their common goal.

Beliefs Edit

- Life is only temporary

- Etra works through my own decisions

- Being a bastard doesn't make me lesser than you

Instincts Edit

- When in doubt, the shadows are my friend

- I create useful items in my free time

- I draw up maps of each new area

Circles Edit

- The Sisterhood

- The Bakers


Relationships Edit

- Luciana (Sisterhood Guild Leader) : powerful

- Hugo (Rival guild, sort of love interest?) : significant, forbidden, romantic

- Camila (Sisterhood friend) : Minor

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh boy, here I go killing again."