Sultan Arkaan el-Sarranid, is the head of House el-Sarranid, the Sultan of the Sarranid Sultanate, and the Emir of of Jāzān. Married to Sultana Zaaida al-Rahimi, of the Sheikdom of Sahla, he has three children: the twins Prince Samir, and Princess Saabira, and Prince Hakam.

Character and Appearance Edit

In his early fifties, Arkaan is a cautious, pensive, and subtle man. He is prone to think long on the matters before him, weighing every word and every action. Arkaan was a strong man in his youth, but has grown soft and shapeless in his old age.

Considered a wise and charitable leader by his bannermen, Arkaan has kept his people free of Imperium conquest.

Because of the difference in age between Arkaan and his younger brother Akram, Arkaan was raised alone. He still has deep affection towards his brother.