Aillevillers is the capital city of the kingdom of Velade Royaum. Once ruled by the ancient elves of Loa'tor, the elves built the still standing palace and upper city.


History Edit

Aillevillers is one of the oldest cities on the continent. The city was built by elves in the early first age. Some claim it was the original seat of the Elven King, Iliathor of Loa'tor though this has not been proven. With support from the first Eisenfaust Imperium the elves were pushed from the city by human crusaders led by Vauquelin de Royaum.

House de Royaum ruled over the city and the surrounding duchies in name of the Franconian empire until the empire's fall.

Upon House de Royaum's extinction the city of Aillevillers passed to Ludovic de Beaumont. Aillevillers expanded substantially under the Beaumont king.